OpenWay Riva text with red car and buildings Active Transformer Load Management Reduce capital and operational costs, service disruptions and safety risks associated with overloaded transformers.
colleagues in meeting and shaking hands Additional Forecasting Consulting Services Software solutions backed by a team of industry experts, providing services such as: forecast process reviews and updates, rate case support, staff supplementation, forecast outsourcing, subscription services and training.
Advanced Water Solutions Advanced Water Solutions Eight questions. Two minutes. Use our calculator to find out how much water and money you could be saving with AMI.
Air Quality Monitoring Air Quality Management Our air quality management solution provides granular visibility into pollution patterns and sources using small, low-cost sensors that measure temperature, humidity, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and more.
Air Quality Management Air Quality Management Identify pollution sources and patterns in real-time to improve air quality and enhance public health.
AMI_Operations_Management2 AMI Operations Management Realize operational savings, understand the state of your system and apply corrective actions where and when needed.
employees looking at paper by truck AMI Outage Management Quickly prioritize and manage restoration efforts, identify nested outages and efficiently dispatch crews to high-impact areas.
Two people working and looking at tablet AMR to AMI Migration Build upon your AMR foundation to streamline operations and drive greater insights with AMI.
light graphical overlay of person on laptop Application Interoperability & Centralization Simplify implementation and reduce IT/maintenance costs by minimizing the number of maintained interfaces between collection and billing systems, and improve the interoperability of applications with centralized interfaces to AMI and back-office systems.
Highfiving during video game in a living room Behavior Programs Engage your customers with incentives, data and information to drive lasting changes in customer load shapes, while gaining in-depth knowledge of DER operations and customer preferences.
person scrolling through graphs on tablet Billing Determinant Calculations Provide the ability to calculate interval-based billing determinants, rate analytics, exception management and work management reporting.
emergency car with flashing blue lights Boost City & Neighborhood Safety Immediately identify public safety threats, including gas leaks, earthquakes and gunshots so you can take action before the event becomes hazardous to your community.
Smart thermostat mounted on wall outside livingroom Bring Your Own Device Leverage customer-owned devices and provide seamless on-boarding processes to expand the DERs resources available for control without the need for field installation and inventory management.
figures of people in meeting room Business Outcomes Itron delivers outcomes that produce measurable results and ROI, including increased revenue, reduced costs, reduced risk, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced safety and reliability.
people having meeting in conference room Business Outcomes Let Itron deliver outcomes that produce measurable results and ROI, including increased revenue, reduced costs, reduced risk, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced safety and reliability.
Cellular IoT for Water Cellular IoT for Water The time for cellular technologies for advanced water and gas solutions is now! Learn how improvements in performance and battery life have made next-generation cellular an important part of any intelligently connected network.
Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection Built on the cloud from the ground up, Temetra allows you to collect water, gas and electric data from a simple, secure and affordable web interface.
Person typing on laptop with meter map Collect & Manage Data Gain greater insight into usage trends, identify potential problems and line leaks and drive more informed business decisions via AMR-supported analytics.
mobile phone with temperature Connect & Inform the Public Bridge the digital divide with public wifi, which can also power digital signage to provide residents, visitors and businesses with instant information about transit, traffic, and community news.
COVID19 and Load Forecasting COVID-19 and Load Forecasting There are unprecedented load forecasting effects due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 26, Itron's forecasting team discussed how to model the load shifts due to COVID-19 mandates. The recorded video is available to view and the team is also providing regular updates on the latest trends.
Current_Transformer_Monitoring_203x380 Current Transformer Monitoring Identify areas of improvement to ensure accurate billing and gain visibility of current transformer-rated customers to determine oversized metering points and potential revenue loss.
women smiling with headset on Customer Service Improvements Reliable and efficient collection of consumption data is becoming more important for building administrators. Ensure you know how much customers are consuming and generate accurate bills on a per-residence basis—not a per-building one—with EquaScan.
woman speaking on headset Customer Service Representative Enhance the customer experience and encourage conservation by providing comprehensive, informed responses about energy and water consumption.
AMR Data Collection From mobile reading to fixed networks, make the most of your resources, be more informed with detailed data, and become more operationally efficient. Do it all with data collection solutions from Itron.
woman giving graphical presentation to colleagues Data Management & Analytics Your smart devices and network can provide more data than ever before. Manage your data effectively and turn it into insight with Itron solutions.
graphic of translucent buildings Data Quality Assurance Detect communication failures, abnormal usage and reading status conditions through an extensive set of validation sets. Allow for automatic estimation, gap fill interrogation and exception tracking (and the tools to resolve issues).
sun setting over road by power lines Demand Response Demand side management is critical to maintaining grid stability and incorporating new sources of energy generation. Itron’s continuous two-way communications network overcomes the limitations of legacy demand response (DR) technology, giving you innovative new tools to achieve reliable, predictable load reduction while improving cost efficiencies.
person controlling thermostat on tablet Demand Response through MDM Improve demand response through dynamic pricing and demand response rate programs, managed by a single MDMS solution.
OpenWay Riva text over buildings animation Demand Response with Distributed Intelligence Avoid new generation costs and improve system reliability by utilizing distributed intelligence to increase the effectiveness of demand response programs.
solar panels and a windmill at sunset DER Integration Improve operations by monitoring and managing the impact that distributed energy resources have on the grid.
AMR Detect Leaks & Waste Pinpoint high flow rates, continuous flow and other signals of water loss. Respond rapidly by transitioning AMR meters to an AMI environment.
person at desk in control center Detect Tampering Uncover evidence of unusual usage or possible tampers by setting thresholds and responding quickly when they’re exceeded with Itron AMR solutions.
Man unplugging wire from box Distributed Energy Management Dynamic pricing. Load control. Integrated distributed energy resources. Distribution automation. As a leader in demand response and energy efficiency solutions for electricity utilities, Itron is your one-stop shop for redefining demand response.
DA Electricity Distribution Automation Optimize real-time grid operations and improve asset management and planning with enhanced automation, visibility and control across your distribution network.
streetlights in the middle of city road Dynamic Dimming Improve visibility for pedestrians and cyclists and optimize energy use by automatically adjusting lighting levels on the fly.
lights quickly moving beneath city bridge Ease Congestion, Enhance Road Safety & Save Lives Provide real-time visibility into transportation networks to optimize vehicle traffic on the roadways, reduce emissions and generate insights to inform long-term planning and keep your city moving.
Man holding hexagons with electricity grid assets Economic Dispatch Leverage DER resources to bid energy, capacity and ancillary services into wholesale markets and produce new revenue streams for you and your customers.
Centron meters image Electricity AMI Remotely connect and disconnect service, automate grid performance and empower consumers.
Centron meters image Electricity Metering Simplify and automate data collection, and improve your operations.
woman scanning code on monitor Enhance Customer Service Improve customer satisfaction by providing granular usage data that can help identify anomalies, detect leaks or waste and more. Close service calls faster by calling up specific data to help customers understand their usage and how they can reduce bills.
Ensemble_Forecasting_380x203 Ensemble Forecasting Improve load forecasts due to increased unpredictability from renewable generation, EVs, PVs, TOU rates and smart load controls by incorporating ensemble forecasting techniques
cyble Ensuring Continuity of Service with a Limited Workforce Maintain critical infrastructure, billing accuracy, and safe and reliable access to water and energy with a limited workforce with Itron’s remote-reading solutions.
Fault Location Isolation Fault Location Isolation & Service Restoration Improve grid reliability and customer satisfaction with highly-reliable, low-latency communications supporting peer-to-peer control schemes to better respond to faults.
data visualization on screen Financial Analysis Unlock the power and value of interval data by improving the financial analysis and planning process with accurate and timely smart meter data through efficient, reliable and flexible aggregation.
person in suit touching point on graph Financial Analysis with Smart Meter Data Learn how you can unlock the power and value of interval data to improve utility processes in the areas of financial analysis, load research, forecasting and planning as well as provide efficient, reliable and flexible aggregation.
man using mobile reader outside building Flexible Collection Options Fixed network or mobile, Itron hourly data collection solutions have the flexibility to deliver the results your business requires.
solar panels and windmills against blue sky Forecast Framework for DERs Distributed energy resource forecasts are critical to the real-time load forecasts that system operators require. Explore the Integrated Energy Forecasting Framework (IEFF) and how this concept has been extended to long-term load forecasting.
graphic of buildings and moving lights Gas AMI Today’s networks require the latest, most reliable technology so you can get the most from your AMI investment. With Itron, that’s exactly what you get.
view of sunset outside car window Gas AMR Walk or drive by meters to simplify data collection from gas meters on your network.
gas flame Gas Disconnect Remotely shut off gas service, enhance safety and transform gas operations with our compact solid-state Intelis gas meter.
Man in glasses looking at various graphs Gas Revenue Assurance Meter tampering and energy theft not only costs you and your customers—in the gas sector, it’s a potential safety threat. Deploy Itron's comprehensive algorithms, data filters and pattern detection to help you sniff out meter tampering and service bypass.
Power distribution lines with network graphic Grid Asset Protection Protect vulnerable distribution infrastructure from dangerous over-loading and over-voltage conditions driven by DERs through real-time monitoring, situational awareness and locally optimized control.
Gunshot Detection Gunshot Detection Enhance community safety by immediately identifing threats such as gunshots and other disturbances so you can take action and accelerate response.
High_Impedance_Detection_380x203 High Impedance Detection Rely on advanced sensing and data processing to spot high-impedance faults and related grid safety issues without a significant investment in distribution automation equipment.
car vent holding phone with Temetra Mobile Improve Employee Health and Safety Remove employees from encounters with dangerous animals, insects and other hazards AMR solutions.
streetlights at dusk Improve Infrastructure Resilience & Reach Sustainability Goals Optimize energy, water and waste management to reduce operating costs, increase system uptime and accelerate progress towards environmental objectives.
Annapolis Case Study Improving Public Safety with IoT Gunshot Detection Itron and Databuoy partnered with Annapolis, MD to deploy a fully automated gunshot detection system with IoT sensors on the existing Itron smart streetlight network. This project shows that putting immediate intelligence in the hands of first responders can save lives.
Control_Center_380x203 Innovations in ERT Technology Learn about new innovations in Innovations in ERT Technology—proven ERT® technology for electric, water and gas utilities and municipalities.
Water fountain Intelis wSource Smart Water Meter Latest generation of Itron’s ultrasonic smart water meter Intelis™ wSource™ combines multi-communication protocols and the best accuracy ratio R1000 on the market.
Intelligent Connectivity Intelligent Connectivity Intelligent connectivity unlocks the potential of the industrial internet of things for energy, water, smart communities and more.
waterfront sidewalk view of city in evening Leak Detection

Take the guesswork out of detecting potential leaks. Automatically and accurately adapt water pressure across water networks.

person in machinery Lighting Failure Detection & Outage Response Proactively alert users of issues that arise in the field such as lamp failure, location change or power supply failures.
Lighting_Failure_380x203 Lighting Failure Detection and Response Proactively alert users of issues that arise in the field such as lamp failures, location changes or power supply failures.
Load_Disaggregation_380x203 Load Disaggregation Create new opportunities for energy efficiency gains and improved results for load control and demand response programs.
Analytics Machine Learning Load Forecasting with Machine Learning Take an in-depth look into the impact of machine learning on load forecasting and discover what’s real and what’s just hype.
Location_Awareness Location Awareness Effectively use smart meters as grid sensors to know exactly where these assets are in relation to others in your distribution network.
Electric Vehicles Managed EV Charging Managed EV charging ensures end customers manage their costs and utilities protect the grid.
man working in the server room Managed Services With flexible solution delivery models, Itron Global Services offers a range of network infrastructure hosting and multiple service-based models to reduce your investment and operational risk. We stand up for the performance of our solutions over the course of your business initiative.
Theft_Detection_203x380 Meter Bypass Detection Eliminate time and costs for false positive meter bypass investigations, detect and report theft rapidly, recover revenue, improve accuracy and ensure real-time edge intelligence to support the investigation process.
line graph on tablet Meter Temperature Monitoring Enhance safety and prevent fires by continuously monitoring and detecting rising meter temperatures.
woman working on three monitors Minimize Leaks and Costs Proactively detect system inefficiencies and save both your utility and your customers money. Get your best business outcomes with accurate, detailed data from EverBlu.
car vent holding phone with Temetra Mobile Mobile Data Collection Mobile Data Collection, simplified. Empower your employees with a simple mobile app to quickly and securely collect readings, view schedules, manage field assets and more.
Multi-Commodity AMI Multi-Commodity AMI Now, electric, water and gas utilities can leverage the power of intelligent connectivity at the edge to transform operations.
Network Infrastructure Management Network Infrastructure Management Ensure reliable network connectivity through industry-leading IIoT infrastructure and management tools.
person at desk in control center Network Management Leave the network to us. Through infrastructure hosting and multiple delivery methods from Itron Global Services, we reduce your risk and take responsibility for delivering the outcomes and the experience you expect for your customers.
Power distribution lines glowing with energy Non-wires Alternatives Use DER control to manage localized congestion on your distribution network and defer significant infrastructure investments and upgrades, increasing the DER hosting capacity without compromising reliability.
image of orange pipe bursting Operational Visibility Identify, prioritize and take action to detect and reduce real and apparent losses.
fallen telephone pole in road Outage Detection Improve outage response with real-time intelligence and deliver consistent and reliable energy through an accurate and continuous feed of information on the state of your distribution grid.
OpenWay Riva text over house with lights on Outage Detection & Analysis Provide more timely and accurate reporting by communicating and analyzing both localized and wide-scale outages.
telephone poles at night image Power Monitoring Enhance situational awareness, pinpoint fault locations and accelerate service restoration with intelligent line sensors throughout your distribution network.
Itron_Smart_Pay_380x203 Prepayment Flexible, convenient prepay solutions are proven to increase consumer satisfaction, reduce energy consumption and recover existing arrearages.
Person viewing street camera footage in real-time Real-time Asset Management & Control Improve asset management with real-time visibility into nearly every aspect of the luminaire and pole.
Reducing the Potential for Generation Redispatch Reducing the Potential for Generation Redispatch This white paper presents a framework for improving day-ahead and intraday consumption forecasts in the face of existing COVID-19 lockdown mitigation policies, as well as when the lockdown policies are relaxed to allow for a re-opening of Europe’s economies.
Man in glasses looking at various graphs Revenue Assurance Alleviate safety concerns and enhance revenue utilizing analysis and investigation tools such as algorithms, data filters and pattern detection to identify meter tampering and service bypass conditions.
person engaging with graphical visuals Short-term Forecasting Services From short-term operations and power procurement to long-term capacity planning, rely on the Itron forecasting team that works with system operators and utilities around the world to deliver accurate and reliable forecasts scalable to your needs.
Analytics Short Term Load Forecasting Short-term Load Forecast Modeling Learn techniques for building within-day and day-ahead load forecasting models that system operators and energy traders rely on for scheduling, dispatching and procuring generation to meet demand with this practitioner’s guide.
smart_water_meters_380x203 Simplify and optimize your billing with smart water meters Fair and transparent billing is at the heart of Utilities and municipalities’ operations. Smart water meters help measure with accuracy and automate data collection for a simple way to optimize billing cycles, and beyond, better manage the water network.
waterfront sidewalk view of city in evening Smart Cities Reimagine how you can deliver services to improve efficiencies, reach sustainability goals, create economic opportunities and enhance quality of life for citizens. Our solutions cover sustainable and resilient infrastructure, mobility, safety and security, digital services and more.
Smart City Deployment and Installation Smart City Deployment and Installation Install, connect and maintain smart city assets.
ERT Module product image Smart Endpoints Compact designs, industry-leading battery life and technology that adapts and grows with your business—Itron’s smart water endpoints attach to new or existing water meters to equip them for advanced data collection.
Tablet in home with information on energy usage Smart Home Optimization Explore how rate analysis, market outreach and automated price-responsive home DER orchestration of electric vehicles (EV), battery storage and HVAC systems are impacting customers in California.
Smart Parking Smart Parking Monitor available parking spaces and guide drivers to their ideal parking location
streetlight at sunset Smart Street Lighting Reduce energy waste, improve safety and enhance operational efficiencies while laying the foundation for the city of the future.
Person typing on laptop with meter map Smart Water Distribution Network Management Combine networks and devices to manage leak detection, pressure management, flow analysis, demand forecasting, conservation management, hydraulic modeling simulation, pumping control, water quality and more.
DA Storm Response & Pole Sensing Improve reliability through expedited post-storm damage assessments and optimized supply chain logistics, all while leveraging your investment in mesh network architecture. Monitor and predict structural orientation of utility poles through tilt, orientation and impact from hazardous events.
view of sunset outside car window Streamline Operations Efficiently collect the data you need with Itron AMR solutions and then leverage that data to respond to customer expectations, all while gaining helpful insights into when and where to deploy personnel.
Hurricne from sataliete view with warning System Reliability Supplement your contingency and spinning reserves with firm load curtailment from DERs to ensure system reliability during weather- or event-driven emergencies.
Water_Operations_Management_380x203 Temetra Analysis Detect and reduce real and apparent water losses—including those in your distribution network and at customer sites. Identify and prioritize pipe maintenance and enable proactive communications with customers.
Toward an Optimal Combined Load Forecast for System Operations Toward an Optimal Combined Load Forecast for System Operations This white paper reviews of some of the research and data science literature on combining forecasts and includes recommendations on how to develop an optimal ensemble forecast for operational load forecasting.
cars in traffic Traffic Monitoring Monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic in real-time to ease congestion, enhance road safety and improve planning.
Transformer_Load_Management_380x203 Transformer Load Management Utilize aggregated data from service points or distribution transformer meters to calculate loss-of-life and transformer utilization more accurately and on a scale never before possible.
Telephone pole with electricity box Volt/VAR Management Control and monitor Volt/VAR management devices—including capacitor banks, voltage regulators and controllable assets—on the distribution secondary and leverage meters as sensors to refine inputs to Volt/VAR management systems.
Voltage_Analysis_380x203 Voltage Analysis Ensure power quality and precisely monitor voltage at every delivery point in the system by presenting customized distribution network data and analysis.
image of woman engaging with icons on city map Waste Detection Detect energy theft quickly and accurately. With Itron’s gas analytics offerings, you can recover lost revenues—capturing funds that flow straight to your bottom line.
Wastewater Monitoring Wastewater Monitoring Remotely monitor wastewater flow patterns to optimize system performance, mitigate pollution, and improve public health.
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